Sword and Gauntlet

A 2D platformer where the main character has a gauntlet and sword that are connected by magic and/or magnetism. The player can throw the sword which can stick to things; and then he can use his gauntlet to fly towards wherever the sword is.


Traversal and combat are performed primarily by combinations of throwing the sword and zipping over to it.


  • Long gap? Throw sword over the gap and when it’s over the middle, zip to it, allowing the momentum to carry you over.
  • Suspicious looking wall? Throw sword into it, then zip to it, allowing the momentum to break you through it (works on some enemies as well).
  • Use the sword in wall technique to wall jump sort of. image-center
  • There is an enemy that cannot be poked by the sword. You have to throw the sword over and behind it, then zip to the sword to mega punch the enemy. image-center

Potential Issues

  • The sword could end up in a place that you can’t zip to and retrieve.
  • It could be difficult to throw the sword with accuracy (which would be frustrating).
  • You could throw your sword in the air, zip to it and catch, throw it again even higher; infinitely flying higher and higher.

Other Ideas

  • The character can also grab on to things/enemies.
    • Grab an enemy, throw your sword in the air, zip to it, release enemy, watch it fly.
    • There’s something really heavy that needs to be moved, pushing it or pulling it won’t work. So you grab it, and use the sword throw/zip combo.


  • Left Stick: player movement
  • Right Stick: aiming
  • Face Button: jump
  • Face Button: basic attack
  • Left Trigger: grab something
  • Right Trigger: throw sword / zip to sword


You are a young person and your father is a great warrior, maybe a king. You really look up to your dad. His iconic weapons of choice a magic gauntlet and magic sword. They probably have names like Martis & Marite or something.

One day he decides to let you wield the weapons just for fun. He shows you how. He throws the sword, and then uses the gauntlet to have the sword zip back to his hand. He lets you have a try. You are much smaller than he is. So after you throw the sword and try to zip the sword back, instead, you zip to the sword. Your dad laughs and pats you on the back.

Later at some point your dad is either killed or captured and you need to avenge or rescue him. Anyways, somehow, a servant does manage to retrieve the weapons and gives them to you to use on your adventure.


  • Main character: a young adult male or female. Kind of scrawny maybe.
  • Main character’s father: big, older fellow. Basically think Reinhardt from Overwatch.

What do you think of this idea?