Merc Compound

A sandbox RPG game where you run a mercenary compound. House soldiers of fortune from across the galaxy, hire them out on various quests to earn them, and most importantly yourself, big money. Provide your tenants the best in training facilities, mess halls, and living quarters. If you have a nicer compound, better mercenaries will want to stay there; better mercenaries make more money.


The player is in charge of running a mercenary compound. Each day there are several actions the player can do to make money and improve the compound:


At any given moment there will be a list of available quests that mercenaries (or groups of mercenaries) can be dispatched on. These quests will have an estimated duration, difficulty, and reward for completion. More dangerous quests will require more skilled and better equipped mercenaries, but will pay more money. The results of a quest could vary; the merc could knock it out of the park and make more than expected, they could simply complete it as expected, they could do a poor job and make less money, they could barely make it with their lives and make no money, or they could go missing in action.

Mercenary equipping and training

As part of the agreement for staying at your compound and working for the player, the spoils that each mercenary acquires while out on quest are given to the player. It’s up to the player to decide who to equip with what gear. Mercenaries can also be trained in your training facilities; through these training sessions the player can teach the mercenaries new abilities or upgrade their stats.

Compound upgrades

The player can add new buildings or upgrade existing ones with the money earned. The player can also hire staff that make the compound a better place in various ways (keeping it clean, keeping it civil).

As the player improves the compound, more mercenaries will want to stay there. Once in a while the player will get a notification that a mercenary wants to join the compound. The player can choose whether or not to let the mercenary join. If there is an open space and sufficient funds (it cost recurring money to house a mercenary), they can bring the merc in. The offer has a time limit, giving the player time to make room if they really want to hire the new merc.

Potential Issues

  • It would be a lot of work to design a ton of different mercenaries (maybe they should be randomly generated)

Other Ideas

  • As it stands, the user has no reason not to have all the mercs sent out; so maybe occasionally the compound gets attacked (by aliens or something) and the defense of the compound is dependent on the mercs still there.
  • There could be a multiplayer component where there are raid quests where multiple players will send mercs on the same quest to beat together.
  • There could be different factions in the game world, and they have quests of their own, doing faction quests will align the player with them.

Building Ideas

  • Gym: mercs can build their strength and agility here
  • Shooting range: mercs practice their firearm skills
  • Hospital: recover from quests quicker
  • Library: get smarter mercs
  • Research Lab: research things
  • Dormitories: house mercs
  • Mess hall: feed mercs
  • Cafe, pool hall, sports bar: improve merc morale?

What do you think of this idea?