Battle Golf

Golf, but with bombs. Instead of trying to get a hole-in-one, each player is trying to blast the other players to earn points or be the last one standing.


Each player starts in separate areas of a golf course. The golf swinging mechanics are similar to Mario Golf maybe, something a little arcadey, not punishing like a golf simulator. Along with the usual array of clubs, each player has two kinds of golf balls. The first one is a normal golf ball: the player hits the ball and then relocates instantly to wherever it lands. The second ball is a bomb that explodes when it hits the ground. If a player is hit with such an explosion, they are eliminated (or lose a health point) and maybe respawn somewhere else.

The players will take turns and try to move within striking distance of their opponents with their normal golf balls, and then attack with their bomb balls. Obviously, the more accurate you are at a long distance, the better off you will be.

Again, the goal is either to be the last one standing or the player with the most points after a certain number of rounds.

Here’s an example of what the main game would look like: image-center There’s a mini-map in the top-left corner, and the bottom-right corner shows which club the player has selected and the ball type.

Potential Issues

  • No one wants to move in closer to their enemies, so everyone just takes super far potshots until they get lucky
  • the game could be a little slow

Other Ideas

  • A course could be identified as Par 12, which means each player gets 12 swings, and whoever has the most points at the end wins
  • multiple types of bomb balls: a ball that explodes on impact, one that explodes after it stops moving, one that explodes after a certain amount of time

Game Modes

  • Driving range / target practice: try to get a high score, blowing up as many targets within the time limit
  • Horde mode: hordes of enemies slowly approach your position, fend them off for as long as you can

What do you think of this idea?