Angry Archers

Think Angry Birds, but with less anger and fewer birds. You are an archer who has to defeat all enemies in a fortress with a bow and a limited number of arrows. You can shoot the enemies directly, or use special arrows to spring traps or destroy buildings and defeat enemies as efficiently as possible.


Each level is very similar to an Angry Birds level. There is the player’s location, and a building or set of buildings created by physics enabled building blocks. In and on the buildings there are enemy characters who patrol the building. There are also cages with trapped allies that the player can gain bonus points for freeing. The goal of the player is to defeat all enemy characters with the limited number of arrows they have for that level. Unlike Angry Birds, there will be multiple “vantage points” that the player can shoot from; providing multiple angles of attack.

To shoot an arrow, the player will touch-and-drag, starting from the character’s position, to determine the speed and angle of each shot.

Types of arrows

  • Fire arrows: if a fire arrow sticks to a wooden block, that piece will burn up over time, and enemies will flee from the fire
  • Bomb arrows: bomb arrows detonate with a small explosion shortly after impact
  • Grapple arrows: after impact the arrow is tugged towards the player (along with whatever is attached to it) with a rope; the rope then disappears
  • Piercing arrows: instead of sticking to an enemy on impact, this arrow goes straight through and keeps flying. Perfect for taking out multiple enemies in one shot

Possible Scenarios

  • There’s a enemy patrolling a platform. Up above is a cage with trapped allies, suspended with a rope. The player can shoot the rope to have the cage fall on the enemy, defeating him, and releasing the prisoners, all with one arrow
  • There are two enemies standing next to each other, the player can pull down a nearby wall on top of the enemies using a grapple arrow
  • The player can use the fire arrow to direct the enemies to one place and use a bomb arrow or something to take them out at once
  • There is a structural weakness in a building. If the player can hit that spot with a bomb arrow, the whole thing comes down

Potential Issues

  • It could be hard to come up with many good level designs
  • Finding a good balance in how difficult aiming is

Other Ideas

  • There are torches in the fortress. If the player shoots a regular arrow through the torch, it becomes a fire arrow
  • Released prisoners need to escape safely, if an enemy comes upon an escaped prisoner, the prisoner is killed
  • Certain enemies won’t be defeated by a direct hit, but will need to be taken out via a trap or falling
  • Certain enemies have shields and need to be hit from behind
  • There are explosive barrels around the fortress for obvious reasons

What do you think of this idea?