AI Bot Battle

Collect tiny battle bots to battle other tiny battle bots. Each bot has certain directives that control how they behave in combat. Smarter bots win!


The world is populated with tiny battling robots. Each robot has different actions it can perform, a traveling mechanism, sensors, and targeting systems. The player’s goal is to collect these bots and use them to battle other groups of bots. However, for the battling, the player is hardly involved at all. Each battle is a 3v3 team battle. The player will choose 3 of his own bots to enter battle. From there it’s up to his bots to win on their own. Each bot will follow it’s programming, and hopefully defeat the other team.


Players can aqcuire new bots by a loot box system, from winning a battle, generating them from parts, or fulfilling certain requirements. Bots are ranked not only by their health, attack power, and speed; but also by their directives, or how smart they are.

Directives (or programming)

Each bot will have 2 different characteristics: Action and Tactics; along with other stats like health points, attack power, etc.

  • Action: most bots’ action will be an attack of some kind; think laser beam, missile launch, or shockwave. But some bots heal teammates, or provide a small forcefield, or provide buffs/debuffs.
  • Tactics: where is the bot trying to go? who does it aim at?

Lower ranked bots will be kind of simple, they will just attack the closest enemy. The higher the rank, the smarter they are. Smarter bots will…

  • try to stay out of range of enemy attacks
  • stick close to their teammates
  • try to pick off weaker enemies first
  • get between enemies and allies if it is a bot that can take a lot of damage

Action ideas

  • enemy tracking missles
  • a chain lighting attack
  • tractor beam
  • freeze ray
  • regularly drops mines
  • casts shield on ally

Tactics ideas

  • targets weakest ally (if action is a buff)
  • stay next to the closest ally
  • stay within firing range of an enemy, but not closer
  • get as close to the strongest enemy as possible
  • orbits weakest enemy
  • targets weakest enemy
  • gets between enemy and weakest ally

Potential Issues

  • The battles just won’t be very interesting (or worse, they’ll be frustrating)

Other Ideas

  • Instead of creating 100 different bots, make, say, 10 archetypes that have different machs (versions)
  • Make sure there is a bit of randomization, if the same 6 bots battle twice, the battles shouldn’t play out exactly the same
  • Allow customization or at least upgrading of bots
  • Allow users to interact somewhat during the battle, maybe by sending commands like “group up”, “spread out”, “fall back”. With this, higher ranked bots could be better at following orders than lower ranked bots.

Game Modes

  • A main campaign (earn currency to buy bots or parts or whatever)
  • Multiplayer. Similar to a lot of mobile games, every player chooses a team of bots to represent them, and you can challenge other players’ teams without the other player needing to also be playing

What do you think of this idea?