Latest Ideas


A tactical RPG where the objective is to pull off a heist, Ocean’s Eleven style. You have a crew of con artists, pickpockets, mechanics, hackers, munition e...

Angry Archers

Think Angry Birds, but with less anger and fewer birds. You are an archer who has to defeat all enemies in a fortress with a bow and a limited number of arr...

Merc Compound

A sandbox RPG game where you run a mercenary compound. House soldiers of fortune from across the galaxy, hire them out on various quests to earn them, and m...

AI Bot Battle

Collect tiny battle bots to battle other tiny battle bots. Each bot has certain directives that control how they behave in combat. Smarter bots win!

Battle Golf

Golf, but with bombs. Instead of trying to get a hole-in-one, each player is trying to blast the other players to earn points or be the last one standing.